Social Media, Content, & Marketing Services

This list does not serve as an exhaustive list of potential services. || Rates will be discussed depending on the scope of work requested by the client. || Listed services are available as a total, comprehensive package, separate packages, or as mix and matched a la carte items.

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 Social Media Management

Creating a comprehensive social media plan to include (all or selected options):

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Blogging (Creating, maintaining, and promoting a blog related to industry and company news)
  • LinkedIn
  • Monitoring social media accounts
  • Creating and posting content for social media accounts
  • Engaging with social media followers
  • Implementing an existing social media plan, or a social media plan created by Mood Marketing
  • Providing metrics (weekly, monthly) regarding engagement and website analytics

Public Relations/Marketing

  • Drafting press releases for new or existing (revamped) endeavors
  • Creating marketing collateral/copy for products
  • Creating case studies and white papers
  • Providing metrics (weekly, monthly) regarding press release pick-up


  • Experience writing feature articles across a variety of topics including fashion, beauty, entertainment, lifestyle, media, technology
  • Editing services available for press releases, marketing collateral, newspaper/magazine articles

Event and Wedding Planning

We handle corporate events as well as weddings and other celebrations! For more detailed information on our event planning services, please check out the Mood Event Services page.